Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Master Gardener Program

I recently completed my Master Gardener program.  It was a really wonderful set of classes and I made lots of new friends.  Most states offer a Master Gardener program.  I spent approximately 4 weeks attending classes and lectures to learn more about gardening.

So, what is the Master Gardener program all about?  Master Gardener programs were created to help the Extension Offices.  Each person that graduates the Master Gardener program commits to volunteer 40 additional hours within the county, including work at the Extension Office and time working on sanctioned projects.  For example, some of my hours will be spent answering the hotline at the Extension Office and helping people with their gardening questions.  I also plan to help bring the Benton County Market Masters program to my community Farmer's Market.

One of the main reasons I wanted to complete this program was so that I would be able to help others learn to plant and maintain vegetable gardens.  I would love to see community gardens come back to life.  Sustainable living is going to be very important to our future.

I am excited to have this knowledge in my tool belt.  If you enjoy gardening you should conisder participating in the Master Gardener program in your state.

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