Sunday, January 16, 2011

Knitting Lessons

I spent my Saturday evening with a small group of friends.  Our reason for getting together?  Learning to knit. 

First off, my hat goes off to all of you accomplished knitters out there.  I admire you.  Greatly.  My husband took one look at my project and said "that is a lot of work".  Yes, yes it is.  I am just wondering if all of you are as addicted to this as I feel like I may become?  After I got home I couldn't stop working on my project.  My first project:  a pink variegated scarf for my young daughter. 

One of my friends, whom I believe has been knitting for a year or so now, instructed us last night.  She is a great teacher, with lots of patience.  She also has 3 children that knit, the youngest being her son who is 8.  He does a great job and has made many projects. 

She taught us how to cast on and the knit stitch.  Our assignment:  to continue making our rows until the scarf is the length we want it to be, and when we meet with her again in two weeks she will teach us how to cast off and the purl stitch.

The first thing I learned:  my first project WON'T be perfect.  I finally decided, after multiple times of pulling out all my stitches and beginning again, that I would be better off to just do my best, correct mistakes when I could, and just finish the project.  The only way to build a skill is to work on it. 

My daughter was excited for me to get to learn to knit.  She is very sweet and encouraging and keeps telling me I'm doing a good job and giving me hugs and kisses.  I think she's excited to be getting a scarf made by mom.  She is also interested in learning to knit, but she has an attraction to the loom knitting tools.  Since I've never used the looms I am not sure how different it is from knitting with the needles.  If anyone out there reading has advice or information that would be very helpful and much appreciated.

If you are interested in knitting, but don't have a great friend to teach you how, check out some videos on YouTube.  The first step is learning to "cast on".  Here is a video:

Once I have completed my first project, I will post a picture.  How many of you out there like to knit?  Share some projects, info, books, videos you like to use. 


  1. I can't wait to see pictures! I seriously thought about joining your group & learning myself but I gues I just didn't want to learn enough. Lazy me!

  2. I just started teaching myself to knit last fall. I've finished three projects so far. Can't wait to see your first project.

  3. Thank you ladies! I'm excited. I worked on it some more tonight. I feel like I'm working a bit more smoothly now. I am definitely going to purchase shorter needles. The ones I bought are a bit too long, but, they didn't have any shorter ones the day I bought them.
    Jenny - we are going to meet again in a couple of weeks. If you want to join us let me know and I'll make sure and give you the date/time. You can learn then what we learned the first week. I think you would enjoy it.

  4. Jocie had to keep taking her stitches out also. I think she has 5 rows finally. I imagine it will be a miracle if she actually makes a scarf! BTW, Jocie made a doll blanket on the American Girl weaving loom. I'm not sure if that is the same thing Autumn is interested in or not. You're welcome to take a look at it, though it did seem complicated. Keep in mind I am easily confused though :o)

  5. OK. How did I not know you had a blog? Where have I been? Keep it up friend! You'll be knitting in your sleep in no time!

  6. I didn't realize you had a blog either...but then I just got mine up, you probably don't know about it :o) I have never knitted but dh's niece is very good at it. I do however know how to crochet but have yet to finish my small afghan...we won't discuss how many years ago I started it LOL! My oldest just turned 15 and she is crocheting her first that she is doing this so young. Keep it up. Can't wait to see the finished project!
    Rebecca D

  7. Trish and Rebecca - we just all get busy. Hey, please follow my blog. Either through Google or Networked Blogs. Networked Blogs is cool because you can use it to post your blog posts to FB.