Thursday, August 16, 2012

Take Inventory of Your Skills

Have you ever sat down and thought about the skills you have?  Have you ever thought about the skills you might need to have if you lived in an area that experienced a natural disaster or crisis due to economic decline?  I think it is very important to evaluate what you know how to do and what you may need to know how to do.

You probably know how to cook, keep clean, and wash your laundry.  Maybe you can do some auto maintenance and change a tire, do some home repair/maintenance, etc.  But do you know how to cook your food on an outdoor fire?  Can you start a fire?  Do you know how to purify water?  Wash laundry by hand? Do you know how to safely sanitize areas/dishes?  Can you sew?  Build a shelter with materials on hand?  Do you hunt or fish?  Do you  know how to shut off your utilities?

Earlier today I was reading an article entitled, 10 Skills Every Survivor Should Know .  Not only does it list some basic skills it explains how and why these skills could be useful to you.  Admittedly, I had not thought of a couple of them...and I'm thankful my husband and I have some of these skills.

The time to begin learning new skills is now...not when there is a crisis.  The more knowledge and skill you obtain now the easier it will be to walk through and endure the circumstances that may surround you some day.  Our nation has become a nation of convenience.  Everything is available in the store to buy or we pay someone else to do things for us.  There is wisdom in knowing how to grow food, raise animals, build shelters, repair things, use radio communications, how to start a fire for warmth or cooking, how to care for a seriously injured person, how to hunt or fish, how to sew or tailor clothing, and how to cook foods that don't come in a box or a bag.  It is even important to learn how to handle people who are in distress.

Take inventory of your skills now, make a plan to learn those things you need to learn, and become more prepared to endure difficult times.  It is not a matter of if these things will come it is a matter of when.  If you are prepared and your family is safe then you will be more ready to help others should the Lord send you out  to do so.

~Live Prepared~

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