Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Consider Building Your Food Storage Now

It will be much more affordable now to start buying items for your food storage/rotation than it will be in the next few months.  Prices will be on the rise.  The lack of rain is causing crop failures and that means less food to harvest and sell.  Once the prices go up it will be more difficult to start a food storage system and to replenish and re-stock.  So please begin working on this now.  Even if you can only spend $10-20 additional each week you can quickly build your food storage.  Even a small budget of $5 per week will get you started.  Dried beans, pasta, rice, powdered milk, flour, sugar, canned meats, canned veggies and fruits are all a good place to start.  Go to your vegetable stands and farmers markets and ask to purchase large quantities of seconds, which are usually getting too ripe or may have some scars/bruising, and can them or freeze them.

Make sure you store foods you know your family will eat.  Don't buy foods on sale or with a coupon just because it's affordable....if no one will eat it you've wasted your money.

I am going to begin doing some posts about Food Storage and how to implement a food storage rotation into your daily living.  It is easy and once you begin using a system like this you will wonder how you ever managed.  It is so nice to always have what you need to create a meal.

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