Friday, August 12, 2011

ARC Intensive Training Update

In 30 days I will be in California, in the high desert, near Big Bear Mountain, training to respond to disasters in times of crisis.  Training to bring Jesus to those who are experiencing crisis. 

Tonight at the prayer set that I serve on at The Pointe, we were singing and praying and the Lord opened my eyes and showed me that not only should we respond to crisis that comes from natural disasters and economic crashes, but we should be watchful for those crisis moments happening around us each day.  The neighbor who lost their spouse to cancer and needs to know they are loved after all the family has gone back home.  The family down the street...the new one who doesn't have an income because they lost their job and moved in search of new work; who has children to feed and get to school; school supplies to purchase; needs to plug into a church; just needs to know they are welcome and that they have value.  Sometimes we forget, when we are comfortable, that others are not.  That they are lacking.  They need to know we care and who their real provider is.  They may or may not be believers in Christ but they need encouragement and edification regardless.

I am walking in a new season.  One that I feel will challenge me in ways I've never considered being challenged.  Shaping, molding, pressing, squeezing, change.  Good change. 

I am thankful for the desires the Lord has placed in my heart and I'm thankful He is directing my steps.  I am on track with my support raising and praying for the Lord to prepare the hearts of others whom He would have partner with me in prayer and finances.  If the Lord is speaking to you about helping me I would love to visit and share more about what I am going to do.  You can read about the training itself here:  You can read this blog entry to find out more about how the Lord has been preparing me for this training here:

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me during this time.  Your prayers are a great help.  I have a peace unlike anything I've ever felt.  Thank you also to everyone who has partnered with me financially.  The Lord's provision through financial partnership is what is making this trip possible for me. 

I would like to reach out to the homeschool community and ask you to prayerfully consider giving a small gift.  Every donation helps no matter the size.  Most of my blog traffic comes from those who visit to read curriculum product reviews and a small donation (between $1-$5) from even 1/4th of that traffic would be a blessing.   If you are considering a donation they can be made through Paypal.  Thank you so much for praying and considering partnering with me. 

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