Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gardening Bug!

A few days of nice weather after two weeks of amazing snow falls and I'm being bit by the gardening bug. I've pulled out my gardening books, checked out my compost bin to see how everythings coming along, walked around my garden spot and checked it out from all sides. I'm trying to determine exactly how to rearrange things. This year I'm going to re-do my garden beds and make square foot gardens. I will be growing potatoes in totes/bins again. I'd like to add some fruit bushes. Maybe cut down some of the bamboo growing between our house and the neighbors(the part that's in our yard)and use them to make teepee's for green beans and cucumbers.

Watched our bees this weekend. Trying decide what kinds of flowers to plant for them this year. Ordered a book about bumblebees. Yes, bumblebees. They are great pollinators as well. Found an article on the internet that described the life cycle of a bumblebee queen, how she comes out from winter and creates a new colony of bumblebees. It was amazing. I want to encourage bumblebees to come to my garden and flowers as well. They are suppose to be great help in pollinating tomatoes because they are heavier than honey bees and actually shake the pollen out of the blooms helping the tomato plant to be pollinated. I will be posting photos and step by step instructions on how I grow potatoes in containers. Stay tuned!


  1. Hey, been doing the same...cept first time to finally garden here...I too am doing the square foot gardening method and would LOVE details on your potato growing in a tote/bin!!

  2. I can't wait to see what you'll be doing Stacy! I'm glad you've decided to add some garden posts to your blog.